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From the moment I negotiated with my parents as a high school student to get an Internet connection at home, the Internet has been a common denominator in my career. From the late 1990s, I have been involved in Internet and IT ventures. I have developed several websites and Internet applications, as a programmer as well as a project manager. I have taken a number of Internet concepts to the next stage of evolution, bringing not just the technology to a more mature level, but the entire organisation as well.

I am energised by transforming strategic objectives into tactical and operational implementation. To achieve these objectives, I focus on the use of IT and the Internet in particular. I keep track of the latest trends in IT and keep my eyes open for disruptive technological developments.

I seek knowledge and freedom to achieve my goals. I am creative, analytical, process-oriented, always think out ahead and seek to innovate. I organise issues, think in processes and am able to distinguish details. I invest time in human relationships and try to pursue shared interests at all times.

I hope you enjoy reading the book reviews and the books will help you the way the did help me!

Jan Martijn Broekhof