The Latest Trip to the Business Bookshop…

Spent a pleasant hour in the local bookshop’s coffee shop going through some possible reads, didn’t find much worth buying but what I took a look at is below.

Making it

This one’s not really BY anyone, it’s a collection of the stories of 11 entrepreneurs and how they “made it”. The chosen subjects are pretty diverse, but it’s VERY lightweight.

A very pretty book – lots of great pictures, not much text. In most of the pictures the entrepreneurs are posing with a Sony Vaio…

And that’s because the book is really a promotional tool created by Sony back in 2008 to help market the new laptop to business users.

Unless you know one of those featured or you’re aiming to compete against them I wouldn’t both buying it.

Confessions of an Entrepreneur: The Highs and Lows of Starting Up by Chris Robson

This is actually a pretty useful book, it takes you through Chris’ emotional journey as he builds a business. But (and I’ll be totally honest here) I didn’t like his definition of entrepreneur – apparently you have to come up with a 100% new idea to be an entrepreneur, you can’t start a business in a sector that already exists. So I’m not buying it.

Life’s Too Short (Quick Read)

Personally I’m not convinced this is a business book. It’s a collection of first hand accounts of interesting experiences people have had doing different jobs. I’m struggling to see the point – it all seems rather flimsy. Only redeeming feautre – it costs less than £2 (RRP)!