{tool} Goalscape

I’m currently working on several big projects, some that will end in the next couple of months – some that will continue well into next year.

That has been made immeasurably easier by a cool little tool I’ve now found called Goalscape.

Goalscape allows you to build your project, and it’s depenencies in a very visual way. Using a big circle.

At the centre you put the aim, then in the next level out you put the parts of the project, in the next layer out the parts of those projects and so on and so on. (a bit like Dante’s inferno).

For each segment you can add notes, attachments, start/finish dates, and allocate it to different people. The size of each segment shows it’s importance.

You can also colour code the segments -I colour code for each week or month of a project – makes it REALLY easy to see at a glance what needs completing in a given month/week.

The tool is very easy to learn, and has a simple tutorial system as you use it.

You can print and export your goalscapes into a range of different formats.

The cloud version isn’t yet very strong, but if you buy the download version you’re able to download onto 2 computers (one at home, and one at work?). And if you use a file sharing system like Dropbox, then you can create your own cloud-based system.

Goalscape has made my projects considerably easier to manage, and I think overall saved me time too.

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