The Long Tail by Chris Anderson

Despite working in an industry where every day someone refers to the “long tail” it took me a long time to get around to reading Chris Anderson’s book.

I wish I’d read it earlier though, makes the whole long tail concept 10x clearer (and it’s not like I didn’t understand it in the first place). He uses some great examples, which really help you to realise how it can be applied to many different industries, and niches within them.

My only criticism is that towards the end it gets a bit repetitive – you can almost hear the editor saying, “sorry Chris I need another 2 chapters – just chuck in a few more examples”.

Overall Score – 7/10

The Long Tail: How Endless Choice is Creating Unlimited Demand

the long tail

Marketing Myopia by Theodore Levitt (Harvard Business Review Classics)

My first thought after reading this book was that I needed to explore more of the books in the series. Harvard Business Review have produced a series of small books (this one is just 90 pages long) each of which contains a landmark article from the Harvard Business Review. The series are called the Harvard Business Review Classics, and they touch on all kinds of subjects including “How to Run a Meeting
” and “Strategic Intent“.

But – back to the book in hand! A fantastic run through a handful of case studies that identify 4 myths that put companies at risk. It’s all about the importance of correctly understanding your market. Some great advice, some of it new, all of it freshly brought to life.

And as it’s such an easy read (doesn’t take much more than an hour either) it’s one I know I’ll be picking up from time to time to remind myself of the critical things.

Overall score – 9/10

Marketing Myopia

Theodore Levitt Marketing Myopia


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